Thursday, May 01, 2008

Getting sucked into the borg

I printed a large sign in my office that read "avoid conforming to the norm". I worte as a reminder to myself that I now belong to a big company, and that in that company, you are normally just a cog.

I believe that my group is not like that, and at moments, feel like a smaller company within a company. But lately I'm starting to doubt myself. Everything takes sooo long to get done. I wish I could code so I can help people get some of the stuff done. Í wonder what good am I doing planning if I have to wait 'till my stuff gets done. Unfortunatly, I'm conforming to the norm and adapting to the way things get done.

I need to get strenght to fight this. I must admit that there is a reason why MS products are not that used today and I wish...just be able to change a litlle bit of that. Lets just see.


Diego said...

Let's not conform :) Welcome to the Blue Monster club!

Roni Burd said...


Como va a todo esto?